Our Kangaroo Hospital was commenced last year, with the foundations being laid mid 2015. Our progress to date:

The huge 170ft long red kangaroo shape was created mid 2015.

Plumbing was completed in May thanks to Al’s Plumbing. We have taps, sinks and a toilet! The Sanctuary has only ever had one outside tap, so we are very excited to have taps with running water indoors.

Blinds were installed June. The inside walls are almost finished.

We are about to finish the dog proof fence for the rehabilitation area so the baby kangaroo to be able to hop about like they are in the wild.

Solar panels and batteries will be installed soon to provide much needed power to the hospital. There has been no power at the Sanctuary ever! So we are very excited.

Next…..completing the inside walls; installing a kitchen; creating an outside baby kangaroo nursery….and lots more. Watch this space for updates.