Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre

The Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre has been a dream of Brolga’s for over a decade. Brolga has always seen a need for a rescue centre (which also incorporates a hospital for visiting vets) in the centre of Australia because the nearest wildlife rescue centre and hospital is over 1,500km away.

The Rescue Centre provides specialised care for kangaroos. It is a place where many baby orphan kangaroos are cared for and raised by Brolga, Tahnee and other volunteer wildlife carers until they are ready for release back to the wild.

The Centre has costed about $250,000 to build and run so far and has been made possible by visitors on our guided sunset tour, kind donations from caring people around the world and our own funds. The building foundations were laid in mid 2015 and the Centre is now in operation with volunteers and visiting vets. We have successfully released over 100 kangaroos back into the wild so far.

Funds raised so far have gone towards: building the Rescue Centre; fencing; plumbing; solar power; veterinarian care; baby kangaroo milk and food. Future plans include: extension of the current large rehabilitation yards and facilities to prepare kangaroos for the wild; specialist veterinarian equipment; assistance with rescue vehicle; and education programs about the care and rescue of kangaroos.

View of hospital from above - a 170 ft giant red kangaroo!