Brolga built the Sanctuary with the intention in mind for it to be a refuge for all kangaroos that have been raised by wildlife carers and cannot be released back into the wild e.g. too tame, injury but good quality of life. It has always been a dream of Brolga’s to one day build a kangaroo hospital on the grounds of the Sanctuary.

Brolga and Kangaroo Dundee

Brolga was approached by the BBC UK in 2011 while he was living out in the bush with his family of kangaroos. Brolga was asked if he would be interested in making a documentary about his work with kangaroos. Brolga thought this would be a great way to raise more awareness about the plight of kangaroos orphaned by highway accidents and about kindness towards animals around the world.

The BBC went on to make the documentary Kangaroo Dundee which was a huge success.  Kangaroo Dundee has just completed its third series which aired in 2016.  Kangaroo Dundee has shown all over the world.

The success of Kangaroo Dundee led to Brolga’s biography being written – called Kangaroo Dundee.

Brolga and the Media

Because of the success of Kangaroo Dundee Brolga has been a guest on various TV and radio shows including:

  • BBC UK Breakfast
  • BBC UK radio – The Chris Evans Breakfast Show
  • BBC UK – Blue Peter
  • One Plus One (ABC)
  • The Project (Channel 10)
  • Today Show (Channel 9)
  • Sunrise (Channel 7)
  • The Morning Show (Channel 7)

Many wildlife documentaries have also been filmed at the Sanctuary.

Our Mission

Our mission is animals come first. We rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned baby kangaroos back into the wild. Those who can’t be released into the wild are released into the wilds of our 188 acre Sanctuary.

Education is a priority. We provide education to other wildlife carers, the general public, school groups and visitors through our guided sunset tour.

How You Can Help

You can help our Kangaroo Sanctuary or Kangaroo Hospital by donating.

We also encourage people to become involved in care of all animals through a number of ways including becoming a carer in your local area, assisting with rescue centres in your local area, checking roadkill kangaroos for orphans and to protect other wildlife (such as eagles and dingoes) from being hit by vehicles by removing the dead animal from the road.