Sanctuary Diary

We have power!

We have (solar) power for the first time ever! It was exciting to switch a light on in the shack for the first time in 8 years! And to boil some water for the baby kangaroo milk, and to plug in our wombats little air-conditioner to recharge, and to plug in a fridge!... read more

Kangaroo Sanctuary on Instagram’s Instagram!

Exciting news! We have just been featured on Instagram’s Instagram, the Instagram Blog and their Facebook and Twitter accounts! They have a following of over 184 million! Here are the links: Blog: read more

Must-see Latest Episode of Kangaroo Dundee

Check out the latest clip called “Rounding up Roger” from the latest episode of Kangaroo Dundee. Dangerous male kangaroo and mob boss, Roger, needs to be locked away before a coach load of visitors arrive at the sanctuary. Brolga manages to lure him into a... read more

Update on our Kangaroo Hospital

Our Kangaroo Hospital was commenced last year, with the foundations being laid mid 2015. Our progress to date: The huge 170ft long red kangaroo shape was created mid 2015. Plumbing was completed in May thanks to ….. We have taps, sinks and a toilet! The... read more