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You can directly support our work, rescuing and caring for orphan baby and adult kangaroos in the red centre of Australia.


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Supporting our work

Your donations are directed to the rescue and care of our orphan baby and adult kangaroos at The Kangaroo Sanctuary, including our Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre. All donations are debited in $AUS Australian Dollars and are tax free.

Support a Kangaroo 

Meet some of our kangaroos currently at the Kangaroo Sanctuary. When you make a donation using the PayPal method below, you’ll also have the option of directing your funds to one of our featured kangaroos, if you want to. This will be particularly helpful when a specific baby or adult kangaroo needs extra veterinary support or has more demanding need of care.



Pippa is our cute little orphan euro who is full of personality. You can sponsor Pippa and her orphan friends who are being raised at our Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre. Here are some ideas:

$20 – bale of hay
$25 – 1kg of baby formula milk
$50 – 6 milk bottles with teats
$75 – 1 week fuel for rescue vehicle
$100 – veterinarian consult and medicine


Milk time

Orphan baby kangaroos

Riley, Mia and Debbie are just 3 of our many orphaned baby kangaroos we are raising at our Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre.

You can help us feed our babies by contributing to buying their special formula milk.  $25 buys 1kg of milk powder.

Teddy - Sponsor A Roo

Teddy - Cheekiest Euro

Teddy is our resident cheeky boy. Lucky he is very cute and always has a sweet smile!

Teddy loves to wrestle with us. And isn’t shy in pushing away our adult Red Kangaroos who are often 5 times his size, just to get their food.

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